What can I expect after taking Stendra?

For those of you who are not familiar with this amazing new product, the main thing to know is that it is a newly approved  medication for treating men’s impotence and erectile dysfunction.  After taking a pill of Stendra you are going to notice a big change after about  fifteen to thirty minutes.

Stendra targets  your body in a way which is going to relax your muscles which means that blood flow is going to be increased in certain areas of your body.

Before you start taking Stendra you need to consider the other medications you might be taking.   It is crucial to know which medicines are going to affect your organism or over all health in a bad way if you combine them with Stendra. Drugs with the word “nitro” in the name, such as Nitrostat, Nitrolingual, Nitrodur, or street drugs, also known as poppers and other common medicines like Isordil, Dilatrate, Isochron can be dangerous with Stendra.   This list is not the list of all the drugs that you need to pay attention to so speak with your doctor if you change the medications you are taking or the dosage.

There are not that many side effects when it comes to taking Stendra, and if you are healthy enough for sex and your doctor approve, you should be ok. Still, if you don’t manage to accomplish an proper erection, it simply means that this drug is not for you. Stendra like Viagra does not work on everyone. Since chances are that this is going to happen is very small, it is necessary to learn how to take the pills.



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