Is Stendra covered by insurance

Stendra biggest competitive claim is the fact it offers efficacy in as little as 15 minutes. Dosing is recommended 30 minutes before desired onset of action but it can go to work in as little as 15. This makes for a terrific ED option when time is a consideration.

does health insurance cover stendra?

An estimated 30 million U.S. men have some degree of impotence, or ED. Erectile Dysfunction is a common concern for aging men and this new product offers another alternative that just might be the right one.

Stendra, generically known as avanafil, is available in 3 doses: 50,100 and 200 milligrams. The lowest dose is recommended when initiating use, titrating up when necessary because desired results are not achieved.

Concerning Stendra’s managed care coverage, that is yet to be determined. Typically new drugs are not adopted early on insurance prescription plans as insurers wait to see what demand levels are. If physicians start writing lots of Stendra, then managed care will give it favorable formulary inclusion. Until that point, coverage might be spotty.

he government has budgeted to $2 billion in the next 10 years on payments for such drugs under the insurance programs. King claimed more than $117 million has been spent from public funds on patients using these drugs. “We provide drugs through Medicare and Medicaid that are lifesaving drugs; we don’t pay for lifestyle drugs,” said King. It is wrong to tell taxpayers that we’re going to take the money you earned on overtime to pay for Grandpa’s Viagra, he added.

He further justified the measure saying, “I argue that sex has only two reasons, one of them is for procreation, and we don’t subsidize procreation in the form of fertility drugs. And the other reason for sex is recreation, and we should not be funding recreational drugs of any kind, be they psychedelic or for sexual impotency.”

The amendment names Viagra and two other medicines, Cialis and Levitra, which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat impotence, which can occur as a side effect of depression or illness. It will have to get the concurrence from the Senate, where a similar bill has already been introduced by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley. He, however, proposes that federal insurance payments can be made for the medicines if they were used for treatments that researchers are studying.

Vacuum Therapy is the ONLY Erectile Dysfunction treatment covered by Medicare and is accepted as a viable option by the American Urological Association.

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